Our Story

We design commercial spaces from start to end with unmatched professionalism.

Sonata Design System started out as a contracting company to build commercial interiors. Today, we have successfully metamorphosed into a recognized interior contracting corporation across India.

In its initial days, Sonata Design System was a proprietary concern. Over the years the company has grown to develop strong, well planned departments for work conduct.

When we began, we were providing complete design solutions to the growing needs of the IT industry. After having mastered that market, we have now moved on to fulfilling the needs of various commercial and technical establishments.

Steadily crossing all hurdles, Sonata Design System has lived up to all clients, big or small. Today we forge ahead with greater ambitions and increased resources to efficiently endorse optimum interior solutions.



Sonata Design System sees itself as a key player in the Interior Commercial Solutions sector. We aim to have a top-of-the-mind recall for customers when they decide to get a commercial space designed / executed.



Sonata Design System wants to bring about a monumental change in the way contracting companies work in India. We intend to justify the cause and effect relation between the client’s requirements versus the solutions provided.


Sonata Design System employs a workforce of skilled technicians, designers and talented office staff. Often, as per requirement, we deploy contract staff for project executions. The maximum contract staff employed on a single location by us is as large as 1,300. Only when this workforce gets enhanced with sincere efforts and cent-percent efficiency do we achieve our goals. Our team has an invincible team spirit that gives them the ability to get work done form vendors and contractors in the stipulated time span.


To match our requirements, we often get products manufactured from our associates situated abroad. We prefer to collaborate with them because not only do the products suit our requisite, but also, the time lines to manufacture and ship the requirements are in conscience with us.